Sunday, March 15, 2009

Food Mood

Not infrequently, I find myself craving certain foods. I'm not always sure why, but I definitely recognize times when I really want a particular thing to eat. I call these food moods.

Weather is one of those things that seems to put me in the mood for certain foods. I have experienced what seems like an unprecedented number of cold rainy days this year. Just as the weather seems to clear here at home, I head off to some other place where the weather is just turning for the worst. Not surprisingly, cold or dreary weather puts me in the mood for a pot of homemade soup...the kind that simmers on the back burner all day long. A client recently invited me for lunch, and although it was a sunny day, it was cold outside, and the soup was incredible. Just yesterday, it was cold and rainy outside, and Paulette made a pot of soup for supper that really hit the spot. And the "all day" simmering made the house smell so inviting.

On a recent dreary day, the aroma of freshly baked bread seemed like just the ticket. I pulled out the bread machine that I used to use weekly a number of years ago. Being more aware of "carb overload" these past few years, I have tried to steer clear from so much bread. However, within four hours, I had a loaf of oatmeal white bread all ready to go. Followed by a loaf of 7-grain honey wheat bread. Let me tell you, nothing goes with a pot of homemade soup quite like a piece of warm, freshly baked bread.

What about those warmer sunny days? A different food mood. I tend to like a fresh salad to go along with grilled food. Along with whatever meat I grill (usually chicken or pork chops), I really like to grill up red, orange, and yellow peppers, along with onions, mushrooms, and sometimes some squash or zuchini. The sizzle...the smoke... the smell...all conspire to make my mouth water. Eating this kind of food out on the deck makes it all the more appealing. Definitely more of a summer food mood.

Sometimes one food puts me in the mood for another. I'm not a big soft drink fan, but when I eat pizza, I just have to have a coke to go with it. Eggs put me in the mood for cinnamon toast. You get the idea. Other times, for no apparent reason, a favorite food just pops into my mind, and I can't wait to eat it. Guacamole. Peal and eat shrimp. Mac and cheese (Paulette's homemade...not the Kraft kind). Pepper jelly and cream cheese on crackers. And of all things...meatloaf! I have lots of favorites, and when I recognize the aroma of something that's cooking in the kitchen, I immediately feel a food mood coming on!

I'm thinking food moods might be universal or transferable. Hmmm...I know how we can test this. Let me know if you have food moods, and if so, what you make (and how!) when a particular food mood hits you. I'll be happy to test out your ideas.

It's raining outside. Time to go heat up some of that soup. And there's a hunk of dark pumpernickel bread downstairs with my name on it.

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Brian Megilligan said...

Reading this post is making me hungry. When are we getting lunch again?