Saturday, August 15, 2009

I'll Take the Compliment AND the Discount

Attending church recently with family in Blaine, WA. Son-in-law Jared leading worship. Fellow band member sees me sitting next to my daughter Rachel in row 2. Band member: “Is that Rachel’s brother sitting down there with Rachel?” Jared: “No…that’s her dad!” Me (later, upon hearing the story): happy to take the compliment. Rachel: Maybe not amused??

After church. Local restaurant. Everyone hungry for something different . Brunch to the rescue. Senior discount ($3 off) mentioned in menu. Me: “How old do you have to be to qualify for the senior discount?” Waitress: “It’s available to anyone age 55 and older, sir.” Me: Thrilled to be getting a senior discount for the first time. Me (two seconds later): depressed that I just qualified for my first senior discount.

Later the same day. Picking up a few things at the grocery store. Rachel and I in checkout line with her boys. Cashier (talking to my grandson): "Have your daddy lift you up so I can show you something." Me: “Well, actually I’m his grandfather.” Cashier: "Grandfather?? Whoa! Lookin’ good, Grandpa!" Me: Beaming, and feeling totally OK about qualifying earlier for that senior discount. Rachel: Maybe not amused??

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