Tuesday, December 15, 2009


With the end of 2009 quickly approaching, I thought it might be fun to look back at some key numbers from the past year. Most are personal, but some are pertinent to all of us. Here goes…
This is the number of flights I took this year. 10 of these were for personal reasons, the other 86 for business.
The number of nights I spent in a hotel. This represents about once in every 5 nights. Gotta love those hotel points!
This is the total number of nights spent away from home, including business and family visits. That means I’m sleeping away from home about 29% of the time.
The number of points the DOW is up since March 9th. That’s a 60% increase!
This is how many ‘friends’ I have on Facebook! I signed up almost a year ago so I could understand it enough to help Paulette if she ran into trouble. Turns out, I’ve had great fun reconnecting with former students, high school friends, and people from so many areas of my past. Nothing like catching up with someone you haven’t seen in 40 years!
The number of cousins I met this year that I didn’t even know existed a year ago. It has been a delight to get to know them.
The number of new pairs of socks I bought this year. (Aren’t you thrilled to know that?) I finally chucked all of my old socks and replaced them with a brand new dozen! My feet appreciate it.
This is how old the students in my very first sixth grade classroom are turning this year. They were 12 just a few years ago!
The number of text messages I’ve sent/received so far this year. I signed up back in March as a way to keep in touch with my niece who lives here in Raleigh. Only to discover that this is a preferred method of communication for both my kids. So easy to keep up with them this way! I’ll need to pony up an extra $5 a month soon to get on the unlimited text message plan! I know some teenagers who send this many texts in a month!
The number of emails I’ve sent so far this year from my desktop computer. This does not include the hundreds of quick emails I sent from my Blackberry Bold phone.
This is how many handwritten letters I’ve written this year. Both were to my 89 year old cousin in California (she has no email). It reminded me that it has been many years since I’ve actually written a letter.
11 and 21
The number if items I have bought and sold respectively on Craigslist this year. And I still have two more items I plan to sell. I’m hoping not to buy anymore.
This is an estimate (but a reasonable one) of the number of purchases I’ve made at Starbucks this year. It may be more. And it doesn’t include other coffee shops. Now you know why I ask for Starbucks gift cards at Christmas.
We have this many new grandchildren this year…both granddaughters. Including the twin boys, we have a total of 4 grandchildren now. Couldn’t be more proud!
The number of days (at this writing) until the winter solstace. I love knowing that at that point, the days will start getting longer. Not a fan of 5PM sunsets!
The number of years remaining in this decade. January 1 starts not only a new year, but a brand new decade! Hard to believe that Y2K was 10 years ago already.

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