Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Blog Hog

So I've been known to post repeated comments to other blogs, and sometimes I end up feeling like a blog hog. But sometimes a blog post will trigger something in me that prods me to express myself. While I'll still participate in the other blogs, I figured it was high time for me to bite the bullet and set one up for myself. Now I can let my thoughts zig and zag in all kinds of directions, and I have a place to talk it out. If I find it as useful as I'm hoping, I'll keep it going. If others choose to join in, I will most certainly enjoy the interaction. If it becomes a chore, well...I guess I'll go back to being a blog hog.

I'm kind of new to this whole concept of social networking. Don't have a FaceBook page...do have a Twitter account...have responded to a number of LinkedIn requests. I don't participate in chatrooms, but I do follow several blogs.

I've seen some really great blogs, and I intend to learn how to add some cool stuff to this one over time. I tend to follow blogs that I know are updated fairly regularly, so I want to make this a blog I would follow if I weren't the author.

I've run into some blogs that have pretty much been abandoned. I'm always disappointed, particularly if I've read some decent posts there, and then they stop. So here's my pledge...to myself, and to anyone who happens to run across this blog: If I stop keeping it updated, I'll delete the whole thing. I certainly don't need another "to-do" hanging over my head. Either I'll use the blog as an outlet for my thoughts, or if it becomes burden, I'll abandon the idea and delete the blog.

What's a "fifty-something" doing messing around with all this new-fangled technology? Heck, when your mind zigs and zags in all directions, a guy just has to write stuff down.


Brian Megilligan said...

Alright! He's got a blog! Welcome to the party! Stuff like this will keep you up too late at night!

Doug Holden said...

The night is young...until I remember that I'll be at the gym by 6:45AM.