Thursday, December 2, 2010

A Leafy Alarm Clock

A rare sleep-in (8:15am) and no workout this morning. Awakened to the sound of the city’s leaf-sucking truck. Huge leaf piles are now history.

We have one thirsty Christmas tree. My daughter thought the same thing, until she realized her tree stand was leaking. Apparently her carpet was the thirsty one! Fortunately, our tree really is sucking up the water and the hardwood floor is dry as a bone!

Just did an interview with a writer who is putting together a white paper for a firm I consult for. The paper is on account aggregation, which is a service I’ll be implementing sometime in 2011.

Baby, it’s cold outside! (And that’s not just a song title!)

We have our kitchen table back! For two weeks it has been piled with gifts bound for our western grandchildren. Box is packed. Pickup is scheduled. Table is returned to its intended use!

We enjoyed a nice Providence Baptist Church staff Christmas Party tonight. Paulette is very part time staff as orchestra librarian. Nice to share a meal and the season with friends.

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