Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Random Mid-Week Thoughts

Persistent dark clouds today, but the sun is trying hard to take over. I’m probably a little weird about this, but I prefer consistent weather on a given day. I don’t care if it’s sunny or rainy. Just don’t change it up on me.

Pet peeve: wobbly tables. I like our local Caribou Coffee, but there are too many wobbly tables. Coffee catastrophe today due to such a table. Blackberry Torch momentarily sitting in a pool of hot coffee.

Fickle weather, fickle stock market. Dow is up almost 250.

Even though I have a quiet home office, sometimes I wind up being more productive at the coffee shop with people coming and going all around me. It surprises me how many guys bring their Bible and do their quiet time over coffee. Not exactly quiet, but I had a good one myself there today.

The Christmas tree is finished. Gets decorated on December 1, gets torn down on January 1. In between, I’ll sit and stare at it for hours. Always have.

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