Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Clean Up

This is just a random rant...because I can't help myself.

Why is it that restaurant employees insist on sweeping and/or mopping the floor around you while you're eating? This has happened with some frequency lately, and it always makes me not want to eat my food. It happened not long ago at Panera Bread in Brier Creek. Last night it happened while Paulette and I were attempting to enjoy a cup of coffee and a scone at a local Starbucks in Bellevue, WA.

As we sat down, I noticed an employee in the back with a broom in her hand. Sure enough, before long she was out in the store sweeping away. All I could think is that dust and dirt were flying in the air and landing on my food. A less than appetizing thought. I didn't say anything to Paulette, because I didn't want to be a whiner, but I was irritated inside. Next thing you know, the employee brought out the bucket and the mop. You know the one I mean...the big bucket with the wringer on it, and the big stringy wet mop, just dripping with yuck from the last dozen moppings. She mopped so close to us that the mop came within a couple of inches of my shoe. She seemed oblivious to the customers around her. I'm surprised she didn't try to mop under our table. At one point, when she wasn't paying attention, her mop handle nearly clobbered one of the customers, and when she realized it and turned to avoid said clobbering, the mop handle came perilously close to smashing into one of the windows. It was almost comically hazardous! Next thing you know, another employee comes around from behind the counter out into the store, and completely slips on the wet floor and falls flat on her back...literally! She wasn't hurt, fortunately, and they all had a good laugh. It was only then that they started warning customers as they came in that the floor was wet. That floor was a lawsuit waiting to happen. By this point, even Paulette had reached her limit and suggested we leave. With careful steps, we made our exit.

Now I know why this happens. It was less than an hour before closing, and the yourng people who usually work those hours are interested in one thing...getting out at closing time. If you can get some of your chores done during store hours, that's less you have to do after the store closes. I know that. But it is still no excuse for inconveniencing, and in some cases endangering, your customers while they're in the store.

Please, store managers, insist that the clean-up chores in the customer areas of your establishments be done only after the store has closed!

P.S. Get a Swiffer! We all know those disgusting string mops are only smearing last week's grunge onto this week's floors.


Scott Hayden said...

Did you used to teach Sunday School in Springville, PA? If so, I was one of your students. And my cousin Kirk was in your elementary classroom. I'm an elementary teacher now in Bangkok, Thailand. I ran into you through Brian'a site. Brian and I were fellow students at Cedarville.

Doug Holden said...

Scott, I sent you an email reply, but I'm not sure how that works with blogger. Let me know if you didn't receive it.

Scott Hayden said...

Sorry, didn't get it. My blogger account is so old, it's probably linked to a defunct email address. Visit us through

Scott Hayden said...

Oh, I see a check box that says "email follow-up comments to..." Hmmm... it should work. Try following up this comment.